Do you know how to properly use the air conditioning in your car?

Each of us usually focuses on the air conditioning in the car just before the summer, when the time of the desired summer vacation is finally approaching. The date is chosen, your accommodation is booked, you only need to “bear” driving and finally relax. To make your journey as pleasant as possible, you should know how to properly use the air conditioning in your car


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The air conditioning is supposed to be a pleasant traveling companion and not a necessary evil

How to properly set it up?

  • Set the inside temperature 6-8 °C lower than the outside temperature. Although experts recommend a temperature of 21-24 ° C, in summer at high temperatures, it is better not to stick to these values. If the outside temperature was 36 ° C and you had the indoor climate set to 21 ° C, it could cause a thermal shock to your body. You may suffer from cold, sore throat and more sensitive people may also collapse. Be especially careful about the temperature differences if there are children or older people in your car.
  • Cool the interior of the car slowly and gradually, spasmodic cooling can significantly exhaust the human organism. If you are going on a longer journey, you can gradually set a lower temperature, but you should start to raise it slowly to reach the maximum difference between 6-8 ° C before your final destination.
  • Remember that the air conditioning dries the air. This can cause a problem especially if someone is prone to respiratory diseases. The mucous membranes dry rapidly and are more susceptible to viruses. From time to time, open the window and let the outside and inside air mix.
  • Always direct the air away from the passengers, e.g. on the windscreen. 
  • As soon as you turn the air conditioning on, open the windows for at least 30 seconds, or drive a couple of meters with your windows open. It has been found out that harmful benzene accumulates in the air conditioning air ducts, especially when standing in the hot sun for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, none of the above recommendations helps you if your air conditioning is not maintained regularly and properly. 
In addition to the fact that by skipping the regular servicing you risk it would break down somewhere in the middle of the Croatian highway, therefore it is necessary to keep it clean, mainly from the health aspect.

Is there a musty smell in your car? Your air conditioning is probably at fault.

By its usage, the condensation occurs on its individual parts. The humid environment in combination with outdoor temperature is ideal for mould and fungi growth. The air that passes through the mouldy system is blown into the cabin, so from time to time you can smell an unpleasant odour when you turn on the air conditioning.

How to prevent this? In addition to regular servicing and cleaning, which should be a matter of course, you can also reduce condensation by turning off the air conditioning approximately 5-10 minutes before the journey ends. This will ensure that the evaporator is dry.

Another cause of odour may be a dirty multi filter. This is designed to keep harmful gases, pollen, dust or other contaminants away from the car passengers. Failure to replace it may result in persistent odour in the car or fogged windows. Allergy sufferers will appreciate its correct functionality. Quality and clean multi filter that works properly will not let in allergenic pollen. The recommended replacement is once a year.


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If your air-conditioning stinks, there is a "musty smell", if the car defogs longer, or if you have not had your air conditioning checked since the autumn, do not skip it before the summer. 

Ozone cleaning, chemical disinfection of the system and replacement of the cabin multi-filter takes about 90 minutes. 

Do not underestimate air conditioning maintenance of your car

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