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We invite you to our specialized Volvo Car Shop and Volvo Car Workshop where we draw our attention exclusively to your Volvo cars. We provide comprehensive servicing for all models of Volvo passenger cars from regular manufacturer-prescribed checks to more demanding repairs. We have our qualified workers with years of experience in vehicles of this brand working with quality car diagnostic tools.

We carefully check and replace the worn parts following the service schedule instructions specified for the particular Volvo model. We use Mobil and Castrol lubricants.
We diagnose electronic failures using the tools intended for the Volvo brand. We have special tools to assist our mechanics in detecting even the most complicated errors in your Volvo.

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Wide range of services provided

  • comprehensive vehicle servicing
  • check, replacement of car engine oils & lubricants, liquids and filters
  • automatic transmission flush, oil change in haldex, angle gearbox and differential
  • repairs of chassis parts, exhaust parts, replacement of shock absorbers, front strut mount, replacement of ball joints, clutch and flywheel
  • diagnostics of engine and electrical parts, repair, replacement of wiring, spark plugs, ignition wires
  • testing, engine setting, replacement, setting and wiring check
  • repair of air conditioning, independent heating, rebuilds of rear differential, engine


Special offer for your Volvo

  • language change - we can load the Slovak language and provide the owners of all Volvo vehicles with the Slovak language on their displays
  • failure diagnostics - we will detect the most difficult errors in your Volvo
  • DIM dashboard repair - we repair the dashboards and provide a standard 2-year warranty for the rebuild
  • repair of control units
  • Volvo rental - we provide Volvo XC60, XC70, S80 and V50 replacement vehicles if necessary

Volvo špeciálna ponuka

Additional services

  • air conditioning - we refill, clean and repair air conditioning of Volvo vehicles with BOSCH ACS 611 service unit.
  • disinfection - we offer cleaning and disinfection of air conditioning and vehicle interior with Ozone Maker by MAGNETTI MARELLI

Volvo ostatné práce

 In cooperation with our partners, we provide body repairs and paint works:

  • repairs of crashed vehicles, repairs of damaged parts of cars, replacement of individual damaged parts
  • modifications of body parts, repairs and welding of plastics, repairs and replacement of windshields, car wrapping
  • epairs of small or larger parts of paint, cementing and grinding of unevenness
  • painting of body parts, parts, painting of tuning accessories
  • complete painting of whole vehicles and renewal of paint and body polishing 

Team of experienced and qualified workers will take care of your Volvo in our specialized car workshop.

Put your Volvo in the hands of our experts and book a convenient date and time with us.


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