Make your Volvo even better

Did you buy Volvo and realized that something is missing to make it perfect? Are you interested in, let‘s say

  • heated seats
  • playing videos while driving
  • independent heating timer
  • cruise control
  • on-board computer
  • mirrors folding
  • xenons
  • R-type alarms with LED backlight


Or is there something extra in the car?

  • Four-C chassis (4C)
  • Neutral Control
  • Xenons
  • Alarm
  • On-call
  • Provision of MOST (Audio) optics


America is America, but I want a European car ..  

  • change of radio tuning frequencies
  • change of DVD region
  • Change of the navigation region
  • change of mileage to km / h.

Or do you have a completely different special requirement?

Then you are on the right place. Contact us in cooperation with our partner D5T5, s.r.o. we can change the equipment of your vehicle.

Contact us on +421 910 278 211, +421 917 254 488 or via our contact form.