Proper diagnostics saves your money

Proper diagnostics of your vehicle can save not only plenty of your time but also your finances. Putting your car on the lift and detecting the defects is easily done by any garage master. However, not each of them can process that information further and only few use the proper diagnostic tools for your Volvo.

We diagnose the failures using the Volvo tools.

We have special tools to assist our mechanics in detecting even the most complicated problems in your Volvo. However, the diagnostics itself does not mean the prompt problem solution as there may be several causes for the same error message. The solution solely depends on our team‘s experience and skills.

We offer you:

  • diagnostics of the latest 2018 models
  • software upload, reload SW, SW upgrade
  • check of real/clocked kilometers
  • reset / deletion of replacement service interval
  • reading and clearing or errors in all units in the vehicle
  • SRS-Airbag error removal caused by unprofessional service
  • reading/removal of old saved errors
  • adaptations, calibration and actuators test
  • current measured values, activation of components
  • many other options