We all know it and probably nobody likes it. Winter mornings and you holding an ice scraper, a snow broom, and your teeth are chattering while waiting for your car to be more or less heated up.


Does your Volvo have an auxiliary heater?

Would you like to get in your heated car without scraping its windows and removing the snow?

The auxiliary heater in your Volvo can heat up the engine more quickly after starting and save it, while warming the cabin faster. It turns on when two conditions are met - when your car detects that the outside temperature has dropped below a certain temperature level and there is enough fuel in the tank. You cannot affect its functioning and is switched on when the engine is running. Therefore, it is your own decision to come to the car and start it. Whether you want it or not, you are the one who has to get out of the warm bed into the “freezer”, and get rid of the snow and scrape off the ice.

However, what if we told you that with a minimum investment you would get in your favourite car with a heated seat and not in a “freezer“? Plus - no window scraping off or snow removal. Set your Volvo's on-board computer to run an independent heating for any hour, and while having your breakfast your car will be heated. This means you do not have to spend the first few kilometers of the road desperately waiting for the interior to warm up and there is no need to scrape off the car windows.



It is very easy. While you wait, we can change the vehicle configuration by software change and you can fully enjoy the pros of the independent heating.


Book the date and time with us to change the configuration of your vehicle. 



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