Changing the oil in your automatic transmission early can prevent damage.

Nothing lasts forever.

Nor the oil in the automatic transmission. Each oil has certain characteristics that ensure the proper functioning of the lubrication system. Oil in the automatic transmission, in addition to the basic functions of lubrication and cooling, is also used by the torque converter to transmit total torque and engine power. In the valve body, it helps in shifting individual gears and compressing the clutch groups. As a result, any change of its characteristics directly affects the operation of the automatic transmission and, indeed, its service life.

The most common cause of failure in automatic transmissions is the worn out oil. Subsequent solutions to such failures are generally expensive.

Automaticka prevodovka

60 000 kilometres? Change it.

Driving changes the thermal stability of the oil, and at the same time, it is contaminated by loosening the abrasion from the bearings and blades of the automatic transmission. The oil gradually loses its properties, the viscosity deteriorates, and impurities can already affect the smoothness of the gearshift. The limit value after which the oil properties deteriorate considerably and needs to be replaced is 60,000 km. If the driving style overloads the automatic transmission, this interval is even shorter.

Driving with worn oil you risk permanent damage to your automatic transmission. Initially, the changes are almost imperceptible, but gradually the functionality of the transmission deteriorates. Neglected servicing can cause damage to individual parts of the transmission and in the worst case scenario its complete dysfunction.

Save your money.

After changing the oil in the automatic transmission, you will extend the life of your machine. The transfer of individual gears is adjusted and the inaccurate shifting in removed. This also avoids problems with the automatic transmission and consequently expensive repairs.




The automatic transmission is flushed every time the oil is changed.

During this process, the old oil from the torque converter and body valve is pushed out (containing solenoid valves and ducts from which the oil cannot be drained) and other parts of the automatic transmission from which it could not naturally leak.

First of all, we add AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION FLUSH - oil cleaner from PROTEC into the old oil, which reliably dissolves and removes contamination, oxidized oil contaminants and other particles from the internal transmission oil system.Protec

Then we drain the oil and flush to ensure that all impurities are removed. It is carried out with transmission oil, which is also intended as a refill for automatic transmission operation. It means that this is the same oil of the Mobil or Ravenol brand, depending on the transmission type.

Mobil  Ravenol 

Then we fill up the new transmission oil to the required level, which must be measured according to the oil temperature in the transmission. In the end we will use AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION CONDITIONER. This product significantly reduces friction, ensures smooth gear shifting and protects seals and rings. This results in an improved service life of all parts in the automatic transmission.

Protec kondicioner

The entire oil change procedure takes about 2 to 3 hours.


Preplach automatickej prevodovky


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