In cooperation with our partner, D5T5, s.r.o. we can solve almost all wiring problems in your Volvo.

If you have a problem with any control unit contact us on 0910 278 211, 0917 254 488, or via our contact form.


You can find a list of the most common problems and a brief description here:

CEM - central electronic module

SAS - steering angle sensor

CCM - climate module

SRS - airbags

DIM - driver information module

REM - rear electronic module

RTI - road and traffic information system

DDM / PDM  - driver´s doors module / passenger´s door module

UEM - upper electronic module


BCMABS unit - brake control unit

ECM – engine unit

DEM – haldex (4×4)

ICM – infotainment control module

Other units