The following errors occur on the Volvo dashboards 2002 – 2007 type S60, V70II, XC70II, S80, XC90:

  • overrunning clock
  • ”falling“ clock hands
  • non-functional beam indicator light
  • dashboard keeps turning off
  • Blinking odometer
  • „scattered“ text on the information display
  • message „SRS airbag service urgent“ etc.

Exactly these and other different combinations are showed on the faulty dashboard (DIM). Such errors can be solved immediately by replacing it with the rebuilt piece with 2-year warranty! We change the electronics only.

Volvo dashboards MY 2007 – 2014 of S60II, V60, XC60, V70III, XC70III, S80II models, the following problems occur:

  • Dysfunctional „loudspeaker“ - odd sounds when ignition is switched on, dysfunctional lane keeping assistant warning
  • scattered display
  • lines on display

Alternatively, if you are interested in replacing “bulb” alarms with LED ones, or “standard” with “R-type“ alarms, please let us know!

If you have a problem with any control unit contact us on 0910 278 211, 0917 254 488, or via our contact form.

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