What is power optimization?

In the past, Volvo manufactured and still manufactures cars with similar engines but with great difference in their power. In addition to the marketing purpose, this is also due to different tax regulations across countries (a typical example is cars for Belgium). By modifying the software, it is possible to get the power of an "unchoked" version of the engine for such cars.

The most typical example is the D5244T - 96-kW / 280-Nm, which is identical to the D5244T - 120-kW / 340-Nm, except for the software. As a result, the power can be increased from 96 kW to 120 kW, or increased to 147-kW / 470-Nm, which is designed for this engine without changing its service life.

Software engine power adjustment is very fast, simple and completely non-invasive thanks to VDASH. The software is loaded via the OBD socket. There is no need to remove or open anything in the car and the customer does not lose any vehicle warranty.

Why do I need to increase the power?

The power increase is particularly beneficial in combination with the automatic transmission, which, thanks to the higher torque, shifts faster and earlier, which eliminates the „confusion“ in overtaking.

Thanks to higher power at lower revs, the engine does not spin and runs more economically. It can be up to 0.5 to 3 litres (with some petrol models) per 100 km.

Who do we work with?

We do not leave anything to chance, our suppliers are without rival. Software for petrol, diesel and hybrid vehicles are VolvoTune.NL from the Netherlands and ARD Tunning from USA.

Is the optimization suitable for every engine?

In some cases, it is good to consider selling a vehicle and buying a stronger version, if one was produced.

Very unsuitable engines for adjustment are gasoline 4-cylinder, atmospheric engines taken from FORD (1.6i / 1.8i / 2.0i).

Indeed, when increasing the power it is necessary to think of other parts of the car, such as the condition of the chassis (shock absorbers, silent blocks, springs, stabilizers,…), but mainly brakes and tires.

How to start?

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