Dashboard (DIM) Volvo S60, Volvo V70, Volvo S80 and Volvo XC90 models from 2001-2003 suffer from a technological soldering defect manifested by various abnormal behaviour of this unit. "Alarms are falling", the watch is running very fast, the dashboard completely "dies", reboots, the display flashes, the text display is "scattered tea" or airbag error occur quite irregularly, etc.

This is caused by cracked tin on the microprocessor and surrounding components when the radiator mounted on the printed circuit board excessively stresses the printed circuit board itself. As a result, the microprocessor terminals are torn off.
In addition, unleaded tin began to be used around 2002, which in itself is more fragile and less flexible. The defect began to appear even after 5 years of operation, but mainly it depends on the number of thermal cycles that the board suffered.

The dashboards are generally divided into three categories:

  • those where the error already occurs
  • those where the errors is going to be occurred
  • those where the board was replaced in Volvo with a new type that no longer suffers from this problem (known by the silver rings around its own alarms)

The problem of the original board can be solved without any problems by a complete rebuild of the board, where all damaged parts are removed from the board, the old tin is replaced by a new one and the radiator is modified so that it no longer stresses the thermal board. The board then passes a functional test.

If the DIM board is in its original condition (i.e., not repaired at home), we provide a 2-year warranty for the rebuild as a standard.