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Rent a replacement vehicle from us while we are repairing yours...
Rental of Volvo replacement vehicles - a service that is a guarantee of our flexibility, promptness and meeting your requirements without burdening our clients. Dear customers, we are happy to provide you with our Volvo replacement vehicle when using our services. In the event of a failure, insurance event or common servicing of your Volvo, it is a matter of course for us to provide you with a replacement vehicle (with your vehicle that is being repaired with us), for the necessary time for a fee.
Vehicle rental price list for your vehicle in the workshop

Volvo V50 1,6D 2008  (manual transm.) 25 eur 

Volvo S80 2,4D 2008  (automat)30 eur  

Volvo XC60 2,4D 2009 (automat) 30 eur 

Volvo XC70 2,4D 2007 (automat) 30 eur   

Prices do not include VAT and are for 1 day of rental (24 hours). The price list is valid from 1.1.2018 Minimum rental period is 1 day / 24 hours.

The rental price includes:

  • mandatory statutory insurance in the Slovak Republic and abroad
  • seasonal tyre change
  • valid STK (roadworthiness testing centre) and EK (Emissions testing centre) check
  • vignette valid in the territory of the Slovak Republic
  • regular vehicle maintenance (service inspections)

What are the payment terms?
For every rented car it is necessary to pay a deposit (does not apply to regular clients and long-term rent). This deposit will be paid back after the undamaged vehicle is returned. The deposit for the vehicle is EUR 166. The customers are obliged to refuel the amount of fuel consumption that was recorded before the drive.

What is the minimum length of car rental?
Minimum rental period is 1 day (daily rate) - 24 hours from the commencement of rental. If this period is exceeded by more than 90 minutes, an additional daily rate is charged.

How many kilometres are included in the rental price of the vehicle?
The rental price for one or more days includes 300 km and if the limits are exceeded, we charge EUR 0.10 per kilometre.

Can I travel abroad with the rented vehicle?
You can travel all over the Europe, but you are required to inform our employee on this fact. Except for Albania, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine.

Are vehicles insured?
Our vehicles have the mandatory insurances valid in Europe.

What to do after a traffic accident?
In the event of a traffic accident, it is necessary to call the traffic police and contact our company.

What if someone else causes the car accident
In the event of a car accident not caused by you, you are not obliged to pay anything. We claim the repair costs from the mandatory vehicle insurance with which the accident was caused. Therefore, it is very important to call the traffic police and record the full details of the driver at fault.

What are the rental conditions for natural persons?

Natural persons

  • identity card or passport
  • a driving license valid for at least one year

Legal entities

  • extract from the Commercial Register (not older than three months) or a trade license
  • the identity card and driving license of the person who will use the vehicle

Who pays the fine? 
The strict liability is in force so the fines are fully paid by the client. If we receive an additional request from the police by mail, we will demand this amount from the client who rented the vehicle at the time of the offense and provide the police with the data about the client.

What amount of money do I have to pay if I cause a traffic accident? 
In the event of damage to the vehicle, to compensate for damage caused by it, or caused at the time of use of the vehicle or a fault caused by negligence, or other causes (alcohol, narcotics ...) caused by the client, the client pays the damage in full.

Other conditions 

  • The lessee undertakes not to rent the vehicle (do not allow driving) to another person other than specified in the agreement, not to participate in any car races, not to pull and repair the vehicle.
  • In the event of a vehicle failure, the client shall be obliged to secure it against its subsequent damage or theft of its part. The client shall be obliged to inform the car workshop on such a situation or car accident.
  • The Client undertakes to return the vehicle in a technical condition, which corresponds to the technical condition of the vehicle at its handover. In the case of dirtiness of the car interior or damage caused by cigarette end (smoking in a vehicle is strictly prohibited), the lessee pays a fee set by the lessor, up to a maximum of EUR 250.
  • The client shall be obliged to return the motor vehicle to the agreed place after the expiration of the rental period or to renew the agreement and to pay the deposit for the next rental period. Use of vehicle after the agreed time period will be considered as unauthorized use of a foreign motor vehicle pursuant to Section 249a of the Criminal Code and a criminal information will be filed against the client.
  • In case of loss or deterioration of documents or keys to the vehicle, the deposit is not refundable.
  • The car workshop reserves the right not to enter into a lease for a motor vehicle if the customer is deemed to be risky.

How and when can you book a vehicle?
The vehicle can be booked by phone or e-mail and it is advisable to do so as soon as possible. The last-minute car rental request can be refused, depending on the demand at that time.